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Effectiveness of Possessing a Singing Bow.

A bell like object with the shape of half a coconut and when played by striking or rotating a mallet around the rim has the ability to produce sound is what is referred to as a singing bowl. Traditionally, singing bowls had several purposes such as in religious functions, meditation, social ceremonies and for healing purposes. Singing bowls are usually made of a material obtained after combining several metals especially copper and tin which is then molded into variety of sizes by use of hands. The modern singing bowl is made of synthetic crystal such as silica sand which is crashed and then re-formed into a bowl that has a rubber base using machines. To increase the attractiveness of a singing bowl, the manufacture needs to add decorative art such as stars, rings or a short message on the bowl.

The durability of a singing bowl makes it possible to maintain one singing bowl in good working conditions one’s lifetime. Use of a singing bowl in the music industry, psychological therapy, social ceremonies and classrooms is considered to very beneficial. An individual has the liberty to choose the type of sound tone that he wants the singing bowl to produce despite the fact that it is only singing bowl. Most individuals who own a singing bowl are emotionally attached to it and the more they play the instrument, the bonds strengthens even more. An individual can also get several singing bowls due to their attractiveness of their sound for different tones and experience. Each size of a singing bowl has its specific mallet but this does not mean that one has to purchase all of them as there exists a multipurpose mallet. The purpose of the sound is what determines how one plays the singing bow. Soft tapping inside the bowl with a mallet produces cool soft sound which results to consciousness and regaining focus which is effective in soothing a baby, meditation and sound therapy. To create uniform pressure which then produces sound and vibrations one is required to strike around the rim of the bowl. Singing bowls are believed to have a general relaxation effect in the body and acts as a stress reliever. It has been discovered that individuals suffering from conditions like emotional pain, depression, anger, anxiety and blood pressure has benefited from singing bowl therapy.

Singing bowl is widely used in gymnasiums especially yoga where the tone of the sound produced guides yoga players in their moves. A singing bowl is important to every individual and playing it occasionally especially after long working hours is very helpful. One can consider purchasing a singing bow as gift to a loved one as it is quite unique. An entrepreneur should be able to seize the business opportunity to supply singing bowls to the customers.

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