Just went to learn to sell mobile phones, how to master the skills inside

Case 1: The guest asked if the mobile phone can be cheap
1. The salesperson must first answer the guest with a positive attitude. This is the actual price and the idea of ​​cutting the price of the customer.
If answering: Sorry, this price is prescribed by the company. It is a unified pricing nationwide. Please sit down and take a look at it, ok?
2. The guest is still hesitant to hold the hope of being cheap.
A. Proactively explain to the guests the commitment of our service, our advantage.
Such as: take the propaganda one-way guest explanation, tell the guests with a positive tone, we sell the mobile phone absolutely 100% of the original licensed, tell the customer to buy the mobile phone 7 days package returned, 30 days replacement, one year within the national network free warranty, Lifelong maintenance, so that guests feel that after-sales protection.
B. If the guest selects a mobile phone, we can insert the card, teach the guest to adjust the function, and explain the main features of the machine, as well as let the guests try it. This way, the guests feel embarrassed not to buy.
Case 2: Meet the customer to buy a mobile phone counter-offer 10 separation spectrum (say our goods are expensive):
C. We know that the guest is lying, but we must not deliberately expose him.
D. You can quote some other phones with the same price and explain the difference between the shape, function and quality of a mobile phone and other mobile phones.
E. Be patient and gentle to explain to the guests: Our mobile phone is directly produced by a company including the outer casing, main unit, battery, earphones, etc., and it is a three-pack policy that implements the national regulations for quality problems. Case 2 can also be used. Points A and B.
Case 5: When customers are together for several people:
A. To cope with one guest, we must adhere to one-on-one service.


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