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Migraine Treatment And Prevention At The Workplace

Nowadays, most people have migraines. Migraines are debilitating and painful especially at work. It can be challenging to do things when you are experiencing pain, feel nauseated and are sensitivity to light. You can prevent and treat migraines. This guide has everything you need to know about migraines.

There are many symptoms that separate migraines from common headaches Migraines have four stages. The first stage is Prodrome that takes place on the first and second day before you experience migraines. The symptoms are food cravings, frequent yawning, constipation, stiffness of the neck and constipation. You can also experience increased thirst and urination.

The second stage is aura which can happen either before or after the migraine. Majority of people dont go through this stage. The symptoms include weak muscles, vision loss and wavy vision.

The attack is the third stage where you experience the actual migraine. The symptoms are pain on both sides of the head, nausea, blurred vision, light headedness, pain that throbs and blurred vision.
Post-drome is the fourth stage that happens after a migraine. The symptoms are being moody, weak, confused and dizzy. The symptoms last for 24 hours.This stage lasts for a day.
There are several situations and issues that trigger migraines. The common ones are physical exertion, sleep changes, stimuli such as bright light, high levels of stress, beverages, some foods and hormonal changes. There are also some birth control pills that cause migraines.
There are certain people who are more prone to migraines than others. Women especially in their reproductive age are more likely to experience migraines than men. Also, if there is a history of migraines in your family, you can experience them.

First, to prevent migraines you have to know what triggers them. If possible, write the information done the migraines. After knowing the triggers, you need to stay away from them. There are several things you can do to prevent migraines when at work. They are taking supplements such as magnesium, have a consistent eating and sleeping pattern, practising good sitting posture and working with a chiropractor.

One can do anything to prevent migraines. However, you simply cant avoid them at times. There are treatment methods that are effective. You can take medications that relieve pain such as ibuprofen. CBD oil is a natural remedy for minimizing pain and inflammation. You can choose to minimize your screen brightness or stay away from the computer.

You need also to relax by taking a walk and do a few stretches to minimize stress and relax your muscles. It is advisable that you talk to your boss and let them know that you get migraines. This way they will be able to understand your migraines.